Monday, June 28, 2010

New wins

So I've won what I think are some old odori programmes, but because I can't actually read Japanese I might not get what I'm expecting.
I can recognise kanji but just because it has the kanji for miyako odori in the title doesn't mean its a programme, it could be anything else just related to the miyako odori.
So what I have here are, according to the translation, odori programmes from the 1940's era, Miyako and Kamogawa...


Also got a 1996 and 2007 Miyako odori programme:

Bidding on some other stuff too... But they finish at about 1.30 in the morning and I choose sleep so it'll be a nice or disappointing surprise when I get up later in the morning.

I haven't received anything from customs yet so I'm hoping that my hiki has slipped thru the cracks and I won't get taxed for it.
Just for reference sake my package was listed at 90,000 yen which is about $1150 AUD, perhaps I just got lucky :)

And after these auctions finish tonight I can't wait to get my things shipped from Crescent Shop! I'm bored without having something to scan and upload on Flickr...I've got heaps of odori programmes, some postcards and odori dvds that'll keep me occupied for a while.
Also will be some white han'eri that will be my test-dummies for trying to re-create my own maiko han'eri.

So expect lots of goodies in a fortnight or so!

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Stéphanie said...

The covers of the Miyako Odori's program are so beautiful ! I like the sweet colors used. Kamogawa's covers are unusual.
I recognize the postcard set you have posted on flickr. :)