Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hiki arrives and another win.

My waterlily hiki arrived yesterday!
She's beautiful and with only a few, light marks of make-up around the wrists and a few yuzen blotches but she's in great condition.
A little card also came with it but I can't read it so I wonder if you know what it says:

There is also a tag o the hiki, can anyone read that too?
Seen here in my Flickr stream

Sorry for the bad photos... But you should be able to see the writing clear-ish-ly. Hopefully...
I haven't received anything from customs about paying an importation tax yet... Hopefully I don't get one but it should come in the mail in a week or so I'd imagine.

I also did actually win that mystery Miyako odori from the other day.
Because i was using JAC and last time I used them the bidding ID was JAC*something* I expected it to be the same again but it was kon*something* this time so I got all confused, but I won it!
How bout that... It surprised me greatly cuz I honestly didn't think I got it... Anyway...

Yamatoku has heaps of ko-fursode on ebay atm.
I honestly don't know anything about wearing hakama but they totally rock my socks especially when they are worn with riding boots, Meiji era school girl is a great look.
So in the back of my head I've been starting to put together this years Sakura Matsuri festival outfit, first off it was this pale green houmongi in all shibori, then there was this purple all shibori furisode and now I'm thinking could I wear hakama and ko-furisode?
Last year there were some girls in hakama doing... forgive my ignorance but martial arts doesn't float my boat so I don't pay any attention.
I really only know of girls wearing hakama for graduation and for performances of whatever description so is it ok to just wear anything? Is the a Time, Place, Occasion rule for wearing hakama?
I'll go and see what info I can find, not that they were many people there last year wearing kimono, mostly yukata and people in hakama doing... kendo? Something...
The Sakura Matsuri festival is located in Cowra, NSW and I plan on going this year as well so if you're in NSW, somewhere near by its a great day and I might see you there :)

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Lyuba-chan said...

I think in the past hakama was worn to school, like a school uniform. Only recently (because hakama and kimono are not used as often anymore) they started being worn to graduations only.