Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kimono de Jack Aus Winter Challenge

So the Kimono de Jack Aus group have started doing monthly challenges as its so difficult for kimono lovers to actually meet up, just a good reason to wear kimono really :)

The first challenge was your first kitsuke, but I never took photos of my kitsuke because I was so embarrassed for a long time... So I didn't participate.
The next ( and current) challenge is winter themed.
Its a great chance for me to finally wear a bare tree houmongi I bought from Shinei last year that just got stashed away and never worn.
Part of the challenge was to stack on the wintery accessories. I'm not really an accessory person so I don't think this kitsuke is a strong as it could've been.

I would've worn boots but I don't have a nice pair, so instead I froze my ankles off while taking photos XD!
I mentally had this kitsuke prepared for a few days, all the icy blue and green hues came together nicely.
The michiyuki is also something that I've had for years and never worn with kimono ( I've worn it with tights tho, as I've done with a couple of haori, its a great way to get more use from your items) So it was really good to get both of them worn.
Hendrix also photo-bombed the shoot :)
What do you think?

I have still been working on the obidome range, but its going slowly as resin doesn't work well in winter...

A pretty bunch of roses..

Yet more roses, I really like these ones, very fiddly as I need to do multiple colours and do multiple layers of resin but I think they turn out beautifully and worth the effort :)

Spider kiku, the white is exactly the same but the flash has washed out the details but the pink picked them up nicely.

I'm not sure what to call the top green bar obidome... I'd seen similar styles in jade/coral/ivory and was just coping that, a more mature, refined obidome than a lot of the bright flowers I've been doing.
Lastly another flower, I'm not sure what type of flower but it looks sweet, there is a part of the outer layer of petals missing though, so I don't know whether I'll actually use it.
What do you think of those styles?

On a related note, as we're moving at the start of July I have closed my Etsy shop as all my kimono stuff is packed away, it will be opening again mid July with all the above obidome plus obiage, obijime and han'eri to complete an outfit!