Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hi all!

I am alive.
Because I don't post here a lot following me on Flickr will show the most recent activity... Most of the time that is...

So far this year I...
Moved out of home.

Changed job (and therefore how much moola I make so I cut back a bit on spending)

Found a lovely man, subsequently moved in with him :)

Kimono wise I haven't been doing much. Truthfully I've only done kitsuke once this year and I hadn't done it in so long that I basically forgot what I was doing!
I forgot my erishin, korin belt and how to tie an otaiko!
I'm now seriously considering going thru my collection and just making a few ensembles for occasions and keeping a few lovely pieces and selling/trading/giving away the rest.
If/when I decide what I'm doing I'll post it up here as well as my other haunts :Flickr, Immortal Geisha and Tsuruko Maiko.

So i haven't bought many kimono this year, I did buy a ro maiko hikizuri with grass motif and a beautiful darari obi tho, most notably.

I also bought a biyosugata but I haven't used it yet. I've been meaning to get one for ages tho.
I also bought some kanzashi:
Firstly a lovely uchiwa set for a maiko:

And a large spider kiku:
I'd like to collect all the different maiko kanzashi but that will probably take a while.

Of course I have still been collecting odori programmes and postcards and other things I thought would be of interest to viewers, which are on my Flickr so check them out if you want.
I still have many, many odori to scan in but as I moved state about a month ago I haven't had a chance to go home and get them all.
Hopefully I can do that soon when I go back in a month or so and possibly even a spring kitsuke!
Well... best not expect too much on that subject tho...

I don't think I have much more to say just now, but my love for kimono has been rekindled :)