Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ravenclaw Kitsuke part 1

Not sure how many Ravenclaws I'm going to do as I don't really have any bronze things, I have two other obi I will try, however they are a bit more on the orange side.

I have many blue kimono, its probably the dominate colour in my kimono wardrobe!
For this set I have chosen one of my newst kimono, bought off Shinei before they were suspended from ebay ( oh how I miss them, I know some people have problems but I never did. I can't seem to work their website so that's why I haven't continued to buy from them lol)

This kimono is very similar to another I own, probably why I bought it. The lining is really yucky, so (hopefully) when I finish my other sewing projects I'll reline it and widen it as its a bit to narrow to fit comfortably.

The obi is a hanhaba obi, totally wrong formality to have with a tsukesage so I dressed it up with obiage/obijime. I tied it in the karuta musubi, my first time doing so, I think it looks ok, its just very loose.
When I tried to tighten it the back part would start to fold up and look like a cho cho/butterfly musubi so I left it loose.

I also don't use any padding ( I should though, on my lower back mainly) so I usually have lots of puffy fabric    just above my bum, but today I must've done something different because it doesn't look too bad, I think.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Slytherin Kitsuke part 3

Yup, again.
Next I'm going to try Ravenclaw, in blue and bronze from the books not the blue and silver from the movies, as I've already done silvery obi with Slytherin.

So, this time I'm wearing my white/cream hakata obi.

I tried to bling it up with an "obidome" but it didn't work the way I wanted it to.
I was trying to use my Slytherin neck tie in there somewhere, as a head scarf but it didn't work out either :/
And my black witchy-poo shoes, needed to pull down the hem just a smidgen I thinks.
Must be because I've been practicing a lot lately but today's kitsuke was super quick and easy!
The obiage/obijime set really isn't the right shade of green to match the kimono, bit too blue I think but besides an apple green set I don't have the right colour.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Slytherin Kitsuke part 2

I remembered that I have another silvery obi so I gave it another go!

I used the same obijime as last time but a white shibori obiage. I had another obijime/age set but they were more of an apple green and I didn't think it matched too well.

Its been a loooooooonnnggg time since I've tied a fukuro obi so its a bit wonky and I looked super wide at the waist :/

The different obi really makes it pop I think with the bright green swirls! A lot different to the lotus obi.

I also have a white hakata obi that I think I'll pair with this kimono for another look.

What do you think?