Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to basics

For some reason when I first got into kimono I didn't start with (or even like) yukata.

Which seems silly looking back on it cuz that would be the best place to start in this hobby.
So I'm going back to basics :)

I bought a couple of yukata for the upcoming summer season and a kimono bra to help smooth things out ;)

So I got a pretty wisteria yukata because wisteria is my all time favourite flower and a bright and colourful yukata with sakura motif.

A pink hanhaba obi that hopefully matches both yukata. I can't wait to get them and try them on! I'd better start researching what musubi I can tie with a hanhaba obi as I've never used one; although I do have one that I bought with a kurotomesode in a lovely anitque fabric.
If you've got a favourite musubi for yukata I'd love to hear them :)

I usually don't use any binding for kimono, a boob tube usually does the trick for flattening everything out nicely, but I've put on a little weight lately so I think I may need a kimono bra now to help smooth it all out, really hoping it will help, no matter how unattractive it looks.
So they should get here in a few weeks from Noppin, can't wait to dig in and try out my new goodies :)