Monday, August 17, 2015

Odori program covers project

Now this is something I've wanted to do for years now!
And I finally did!
It's probably not the most polished, pretty version that could be made but I'm happy enough with it.

So basically what I've done (mind you at this stage its only what is in my personal collection, I will be contacting some other collectors to see if they would like to contribute later) is made a chart of each Odori cover for the 5 Kyoto districts.

So if you come across an odori program for sale but it doesn't have a date listed then, provided myself or one of the other contributors has it, you'll be able to look it up, recognize the cover art and now you'll know its 1963 Kamogawa ( for example)

I had the split each district up into 50 year blocks.
So Miyako and Kamogawa odori will have 1910-1950, 1950-2000 and 2000 to present.
The other three districts will just have 1950-2000 and 2000 to present.

Oh, and Kamogawa was so much fun in the 1950-2000 block... You know, because they had both a spring and an autumn dance...........

Sorry I can't add the photos because they are too large so I've just linked them to my Flickr account.

2000 to Present

2000 to Present

2000 to Present

2000 to Present

2000 to Present

I know a bunch of links doesn't look that exciting but have a look if you're curious, it is actually pretty interesting.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Esty Sale!

Firstly a big thankyou to everyone who has been snapping up some goodies at my book sale!
Between Flickr, Ebay and Etsy about a quarter of the things I've listed lately have been sold, mostly to collectors I know which is fantastic!
Its always great to pass something on to someone you know will appreciate it.

To help get some more stuff moving house I've marked down all my Etsy categories except for the Obidome and Book section.

Please email if you're interested in anything.
I'm always happy to combine postage to save on costs where possible.
Thanks for looking.