Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Books for sale!

I have sooooooo many books.
I love books, so its not a surprise.
I've gone through my box of books and came out the other side with this massive pile.
Most are Maiko photos books, some are kimono, nihongami and kabuki booklets.

First up, Nihongami Books:

Top Left: Tayu/Oiran hairstyles-$ 100 OBO
Very nice photo book. Is an ex-library book I think? The cover is a bit scuffed but still good condition. I haven't seen this book for sale very often.
Right: Nihongami modern hairstyles mook-$40 OBO
Really nice photos and step-by-step explanation of how to make the hairstyles.
Has many different hairstyles shown, I only photographed a few.
Cover is a bit scuffed but still very good condition.
Bottom left: Maiko hairstyles,dressing and makeup. $80 OBO.
Really good instructional book.

KIE Magazines:

Kateigaho International Edition X4:
$15 each or $45 for all four.
All in good condition, covers might have some general wear but good condition otherwise.

All text is in Japanese books:

 $15 for all of them
All of these books are all Japanese with some photos but its mainly text.

Maiko photobooks:

Top row:
*Kimika and Kimiharu "won't you become a maiko" book-$15.
* Nihongami reference book-$15.
All in Japanese but has many of the popual hairstyles of the past.
*Kyoto Gion photobook-$20, lots of nice photos.
Bottom row:
*Kyoto maiko book-$15, pretty photos.
*Katsuno's guide to Kyoto? -$35 lots of nice pictures of Katsuno in beautiful kimono in different resturants and shops around Kyoto. Cover is a bit damaged and loose.
*Another maiko photobook-$15
*yet another maiko photobook-$15.
Sorry I don't actually know the names of some of the books but basically they just have pretty pictures in them.
Will do discounts for mulitple buys.

Top row:
* Kyoto Hanamachi books, both 2002 and 2005. $30 for the pair.
Bottom row:
*Gion Ichisuzu-$40.
Very nice photos.
*Dancers of Gion-Kobu-$40
Again a nice photobook.

Geisha books:

*Liza Dalby " The Tale of Murasaki" -$10.
In used condition.
* Sato Masuda "Autobiography of a geisha" -$10.
In used condition.
* Liza Crihfield "Ko-uta, little songs of the Geisha world"
Hard cover with dust jacket. $30.

Kimono books:

* Japanese kimono designs-$5
*Furisode catalouge-$5
*Kimono by Sophie Milenovich-$20

Kabuki booklets:

$5 each for the Kabuki booklets.
$30 for the 1950's maiko magazine.
All are quite old so there will be some stains, rips and general wear.

$5 each.
All are quite old so there will be some stains, rips and general wear.

There was a lot more than I thought! Hopefully something here interests you, pop over and have a look at the detail photos in my For Sale folder and contact me if you would like something :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Kimono, Haori and some Maiko Stuff For Sale.

Hi everyone :)

I'm selling some more pretties on my Flickr:

Top row:
*Bamboo haori-$30
*girls haori-Sold.
*Stripe haori-$1
Middle Row:
*Kofurisode and hakama set-$120
*Purple komon-$10
Bottom row:
*Ro komon-$50
*All shibori houmongi-$50
*Vintage juban-$50
All are open to offers, I just want to get rid of these.

Maiko Postcards: $15.
Maiko half Han'eri: $40.
Kyo Odori Plate: $15.
Kinchaku: $50.

Please have a look at all the detailed photos of the items as well, in my
 Flickr folder and contact me on Flickr or here if you are interested in anything.
Next I'm going to be listing some books. I've collected many over the years.
 Most will be in Japanese but will have photos (my original reason for buying
 them as I don't speak/read Japanese apart from the odd phrase/word) so
 hopefully that will interest some of you.
Then I think I'll list some obi and obijime/obiage and some general kitsuke items.
Basically I'm selling most of my collection as I don't really wear any of them
 and may as well put the money towards clothes I will wear. Sad truth.
 I've been thinking this way for a while now. I'm sure some of you also go
 through phases where you wonder why you collect kimono but this has
 been hanging around in my thoughts for a while now.

So feel free to make an offer on any of my items. If it took me 5 years to collect
 all that I have, it might take another 5 years to sell it all...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kanzashi and Odori programmes for sale.

I'm in the process of having a very hard look at my entire kimono collection and selling the majority of them...
And all the other bits and pieces I've collected over the years, I've been a bit slack and haven't uploaded photos of everything to Flickr but I am now...

Today I've got odori programmes and kanzashi for sale on my Flickr, if they don't sell in a few months I'll list them on eBay

Wedding kanzashi I think $8

Pair of plastic kanzashi with flowers.
Has some slight scratches, please see photos.
Good condition otherwise.
$15 for the pair.

Pair of kanzashi with diamonties.
Made of fabric coated in plastic.

Pair of red and black kanzashi.
Good condition, plastic.

Pair of kanzashi.
Good condition, plastic.
One is tortoise shell like with painted flowers, other is glittery.

Pair of kanzashi made of plastic.
Good condition, $15.

Pair of kanzashi made of plastic.
Good condition, $15.

Miyako Odori:
Left coloumn:
Miyako 1986 $15 Good condition, cover has some general wear and creases but still very good.
Miyako 1971 $40 Fragile conditon, spine is coming apart, cover has some marks.
Miyako 1992 $15 Small marks on covers, spine in good condition.
Miyako 1931 $45 Fragile condition, spine coming apart, inside pages have age spots and colour.
Right hand coloumn:
Miyako 1983 $15 Good condition, cover has creases and general wear.
Miyako 2008 $15 Good condition, cover does and some creases and general wear.
Miyako 1994 $15 Small scuffs on covers, otherwise good.
Miyako 1933 $45 Fragile condition, spine coming apart, inside pages have age spots and coloured.

Kyo, Kitano odori and Kabuki:
Kyo 1951 $35 fragile condition. Spine is fraying, small marks and age spots on covers.
Kaomise Kabuki 1961 $5 good condition, cover has general wear and creases.
Kitano 1992 $15 Small marks on covers but otherwise good condition.

Kamogawa odori:
Top row:
Kamogawa 1966
Kamogawa 1987
Kamogawa 1986
Second row:
Kamogawa 1988
Kamogawa 1986
Kamogawa 1958
All Kamogawa odori are $15 in good condition, cover has general wear and creases.

Please contact me via this blog, on my Flickr page, on the Immortal Geisha or Tsuruko Maiko forums if you are interested in anything, thankyou!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Book sale!

I've mainly got books up for sale this week, most of them aren't kimono related but just fiction books, but I'll post what I think might be of interest to you:

*Blue iro-tomesode with wisteria.
*Meiji era girls furisode.

*2X Daruma magazines. One has an article on kanzashi and the other has an article on obi ( why I originally bought them, pretty pictures!)
*The Gion quarter book. Fantastic black and white photo book of Gion Kobu between the 1930's and 1960's I think. Cover has had something spilt on it but otherwise good condition.

Other books I have for sale are some bonsai/ikebana/how to draw manga....

Please have a look at my eBay here. Thankyou :)