Monday, January 21, 2013

New look blog and more odori uploads

Hi all.

So I've been meaning to "pretty up" my blog for a while now and its just never happened.
Then the other day I pulled out some of my kanzashi, laid it out on one of my kimono, spent an hour arranging it and taking photos from every angle in every camera option....  finally came up with a decent photo I've put up as the header.
Then I tried making a simple yet elegant background... Not quite happy with the current one so I might play around with that a bit more...
I don't spose it really matters, chances are by th etime you read this I'll have made one that I'm happy with.
So me telling you this is kinda pointless yes?


Odori programs!!
Still working on the Kamogawa odori:

I've still got a few more Kamogawa Odori  to upload but then I'll move on to Gion or Kyo odori.
I've also got some photos of my kanzashi that I've been meaning to upload but haven't yet...
Might try to get those up tomorrow..
And photos of my maiko hikizuri that I finished sewing!
Well I still have't put the extra fabric at the under arm openings and I have a terrible feeling that I've positioned the sleeves wrong but otherwise-Yay!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yukata Time!

Hello again :)

Its been quite a while since I've worn kimono... Last time was when I was doing the Hogwarts Houses themed kitsuke and I had a terrible time being a Ravenclaw one day....
Anyway, its summer here in Australia and we've had a few really hot weeks ( there's lots of bushfires going around at the moment) but at least its cooled down a bit now so the other day I thought it'd be a good time to throw on a yukata.
Now I only have three yukata in my whole collection as I was silly and didn't start with yukata when I first got into kimono...
So here is my first ever yukata: Oh and its wrinkled, I didn't think to give it a quick iron before wearing it...

The mauve of the obi doesn't really match with the purple on the yukata but close enough. Really happy with how my obi turned out! Usually I can't make a chou-chou even but I must've lucked out this time  :p

Also a super quick photo of the Pampass grass kanzashi I managed to buy from Ichiroya when they had a massive sale on maiko kanzashi a few months ago.
Finally! I've been wanting this kanzashi since I first got into kimono/kanzashi way back in 2008.
It's not in the best of conditions but I'm very, very happy to have it either way. Unfortunately I missed out on buying a bridge part to make it a set :( 
I also missed out on buying a uchiwa kanzashi bridge to make a set from that too.
And I would love a wisteria set! The rest I could honestly make myself I could be bothered lol.
Oh well, Maybe next time :)

Umm, I've also uploaded two Nagoya odori programs:

Very interesting as I wasn't sure what these actually were, I thought they were Goin odori (from Gion Higashi in Kyoto) but a few Flickr members set me straight :)

There's also some maiko hikizuri on YJA at the moment:

They all seem to be quite damaged so I don't know if they were used in henshin...

There was also this hikizuri which has already sold:
From the same seller, also with a lot of damages but the auction still ended for 34,270yen!!!
I was going to have a bid around the 10,000 yen mark but I've been working a lot recently and I flat out forgot to bid before going to bed!

I've nearly finished sewing my maiko hikizuri too! 
I just need to add a strip of fabric at the under arm openings and its done!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy 2013 Everyone!

Hope everyone had a great New Years :)
Personally I've been down with the flu since Christmas so I didn't do anything special.

I haven't been uploading to Flickr lately (bad me) but I did put up the 1968 Calendar scans:

See the rest here

I've still got a massive bunch of odori to upload and I'm slowly chipping away at it but I've recently been working on some sewing projects.

The first, while not impressive to anyone but me lol, is the 50's style dress I made for my friends wedding:

I'm not a sewing person so I was quite proud of myself! The bodice I had a lot of trouble with as I made my own sloper and it just wouldn't work for me :(
The skirt is just a simple pleated rectangle skirt that I found very easy to make and feel confident enough to do again.
The shape probably isn't quite right as I'm only wearing one 
petticoat and to get the real shape I probably should've worn another one as well... but I only have one and the petticoat I tried to make is a total mess : /
Then next dress I'm going to try is very similar to the above dress, except I'll try a sweetheart neckline in this super cute doggie fabric!

Another project I've been working on very slowly is restyling this katsura. I bought it off YJA years ago and tried styling it once See here for the sad result. This time I'm going to do it properly and slowly and hopefully get it right this time.

So the totally awesome photo you see below is of the wig and I've just finished washing it, section by section, so it wouldn't get all tangled and me frustrated. 

Its really big and puffy! So next I'll be sewing in some hair pieces I bought to fill in any holes and fix up the netting on the inside. I don't expect to be finished this before the start of next year, it took me the best part of two months two wash it so I'm definitely taking my time on this one...

Another project I have been taking my sweet, sweet time with is sewing a maiko hikizuri... Coming up to 
2.5years now... I was trying to get it done for 2 years but I've had a lot of trouble with the lining *sigh*

The design is fans with different flowers inside and grass on the background.
Really pretty and I'm nearly done!
I've just got to finish the lining, attach the sleeves, sew down the collar and add the tucks!
Still sounds like a lot but in comparison to the kimono as a whole its nearly done!!!!
I will seriously be very happy to have it finish, although I probably haven't done a very good job at sewing it correctly at least it will be altogether.
I've given myself until March to get it done....

Then I'm working on sewing one of my maiko han'eri onto a emon-nuki to help when wearing it:
Here are the instructions I'm working off, kinda making it up as I go along because I'm not sure of certain things but so far its looking good! 
The deadline for that is February....