Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bamboo and ume hikizuri kitsuke

So first off let me say I'm not exactly thrilled with this kitsuke.
I mean it looks ok, but it doesn't feel right.
(maybe its just because it took me two days to tie the darari obi so it looks like some decent attempt.... need to start lifting weights or something!)

The hikizuri is my most recent one (purchased last year)
It has a base of light purple with woven waves and striking bamboo and ivy leaves design.
Its not in very good condition, there are many large stains and overall discolouration.

The obi is a black based darari with gold ume flowers on branches.
It does have some worn marks where its been constantly folded for use but what can you expect from something that's probably had a lot of use in its day?

The han'eri is a very junior maiko collar, lots of red with little white embroidery, I needed to sew it only a collar base to use for the kitsuke so that's why I've been working on this kitsuke for about a week now.

The obijime is a wide vintage one, I don't think its the best choice.
Or the combination of obi/obijime/obidome colours doesn't gel right for me.

The obidome is one I made specifically for this, its a twin ivy leaf design in transparent gold and bronze, although it really only looks gold.
I had made an orange and red one as well but I felt the gold gave it a touch more class.

I have a bad habit of not pulling the collar low enough and not tying the obi high enough. Combine the two and the back doesn't look very good.
Overall its ok, but not as lovely as I pictured in my head...