Friday, July 23, 2010

Nihongami books, hiki arrvied and another mystery miyako odori.

So I've been watching this nihongami book on YJA since the start of the year:Originally it was listed at 12000 Yen, but I managed to snag it for less than half!

The other nihongami book I bought a while ago is:
Not quite sure what this one contains, but I'm always excited to expand my book collection.

Of course this is the most amazing book regarding the maiko ensemble, including a step-by-step guide on the hairstyles, applying make-up, getting dressed and a comprehensive photo guide on accessories.
Admittedly it is a bit expensive, it is on ebay and occasionally is on YJA for a slightly cheaper price. I would recommend buying this if you can find it in your budget, or maybe make it a few birthday+christmas presents from the family XD.

Anyone know when Katsuno from Gion Kobu was a maiko?
I've just purchased a miyako odori that has her as a maiko but didn't have a date on it.
I know she's a geiko in my 1990 miyako odori so it must be some time in the 80's.
She is a stunning geiko tho,I'm hoping that there are plenty of photos of her in her maiko time in the odori programme!

In other exciting news I received my new maiko hiki in the post today!!!
Neither of the photos of it actually capture the colour of it properly.
All the camera batteries are flat atm, but I'll charge them up and try to capture teh colour right.
It is honestly a stunning piece!

I love how the maple leaves fade from green, to pale yellow and the bright orange ones.
The maple leaves and kiku on the skirt are huge!
Then there are tiny details on the skirt as well.
I'll try to get some more detailed photos cuz you can't see what designs are on the skirt in the photos.
I don't suppose anyone's seen a photo or a postcard or a maiko wearing it?
Even a faiko (someone dressing as a maiko from a henshin studio) would be cool.
The seller said they bought it 4 or 5 years ago so I don't expect to find a photo of Mamechiho wearing it XD

I've also tried out my gel nail kit on my toes.
I got a black base and my left foot and red design and my right foot has yellow design.
I went crazy buying rhinestones, fimo fruits and sparkly things!
I'll try to get a photo of them up too, I'm reasonably happy with them.
I like them cuz they're fun :)

I also started my floristry course this week!
That was really good, I've got a (what I think) is a really great teacher, lots of experience, passionate and enthusiastic about it and its contagious!

In the next few days I should have up the Miyako odori for 1996 and 2007 and some little booklet thing about Kyoto from the 50's. *shrugs* I scanned the photos of the maiko and geiko I thought were interesting to look at

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Miyako odori- 1951, 1956, 1958

Wow, I've almost got the whole 50's era of the Miyako odori.
Hmmm, perhaps not...
The only other era that I have that is almost complete would be the 90's (for miyako and kamogawa)
I forgot to post these when I first uploaded them to Flickr but here they are now:

It might be a few more days before I get anything else up.
I've got some postcards, a booklet thing which I don't really know what it is but it has pretty pictures, miyako odori 1996 and 2007.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vintage maiko postcards.

I figured out the correct date for the mystery Aki no Kamogawa odori and fixed the miyako odori dates that I was unsure about, all good now :)

Today's goodies are vintage maiko postcards:


And here

Up next I have heaps of Miyako odori: 1951, 1956, 1958, 1996, 2007.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Aki no Kamogawa odori and new maiko hikizuri!

This is my mystery Aki no Kamogawa odori.

I think it is sometime in the 50's and must be after 1952 because '52 was the first Aki no Kamogawa.
Any idea?
See the set here!

I was also lucky enough to purchase this maiko hikizuri today:

Meh you say?
Well you might know it better as this hiki:

Just different seller photos from different angles and someone used the flash on the camera... which explains the colour difference.
But same kimono :)
I'm very happy to get it. I've seen this photo floating around the net for years and have always admired it so I'm very proud to have it in my collection :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

66th Kamogawa odori-1949

Well I think its from 1949, its definitely the 66th Kamo odori.

See the set here
You can name the maiko and geiko if you want because they didn't have the English written name.
This is in poor condition, the cover have come completely off and the seem is in bad nick. Poor thing.

Up next is an unidentified Aki no Kamogawa odori.
No idea.
Then postcards and then I've got some Miyako odori to put up.

I also need to get some red dye for my maiko han'eri project.
I received the white han'eri the other day, two seem to be chirimen fabric and the other three seem to be shibori fabric... I wonder how dying and embroidery will go on the shibori ones?
I'll let you know how that turns out...

Oh, and Jonathan got eliminated from Masterchef :'( He was my favourite.

Monday, July 12, 2010

166th Kamogawa odori-2003

see the set here on Fickr

I'll be uploading more in the next few days, but I'm not sure what years they will be.
With the kamo odori they seemed to have stopped producing two programmes in 1999 (according to my calculations).
I have a 66th Kamo odori.
First kamo odori was in 1871.
I don't know when they started producing two programmes a year.
So assuming they did one a year that would make the 66th from 1937...
If its 66th kamo odori is the 23rd odori in the Showa period that makes it in 1949...
So I'm gonna call the 66th Kamo of the year 1949.
So perhaps what I think is the 109th/1952 kamo odori isn't actually the correct year...
Make sense to anyone?

I have a Aki no Kamogawa that I honestly I know idea when it is, I can recognize the kanji for Showa period and the numbers 6 and 11.
I have a Miyako odori from 1958 coming up soon!
I didn't know when it was from but I've just learned to look at what year of the emperor it is. That doesn't sound right. Showa 32 is 1958. Makes so much sense to me now!
And postcards as well are on their way.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

how about that-it's Thursday again!

I've been busy at work and being sick :( plus I didn't have anything new to share so that's why I've been quiet so far.

I should *hopefully* be receiving my package from Crescent Shop tomorrow!!!
Which will include some postcards and a few what I suspect are odori programmes and some books, odori dvds and my white han'eri so I can get started on doing my own maiko han'eri.

Anyone want maiko okobo?

I've also ordered some acrylic powders to play with for my gel nails and I found a few nail blogs that are giving me heaps of inspiration to get started :)

Nothing else exciting to say, but I'll have stuff up in the next few days if my package is at the post office!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Its Thursday.

I lack creativity when it comes to making up titles unless I've got something specific to mention.

I did manage to snag one of Yamatoku's hakama+ko-furisode sets:

I got one where the furisode didn't just have the design on the shoulders because that looks so obviously for hakama for me, so this furi is a komon pattern so I can get more use out of it, I think I might wear this one to the Sakura Matsuri with this obi:

I'll keep an eye out for other obi that might work too.

I won 1 out of 3 of those things I was bidding on the other night, I don't really even know what they are but the translation said "Miyako practice"...?

Just another surprise for me :)
The other two things were a 1933 Miyako odori, in real patriotic spirit and the other was... Nope I don't know something about Gion Kobu and maiko lists?
Whoops, I forgot to list things on ebay this week but I'll try and get some stuff up next week.
I'm happy with the slow progress of selling of kimono, I need to clear some space -_-
I should be listing geta in a few weeks so stay tuned if you're interested.

I've also enrolled in a floristry course which should be interesting and I'm excited to get some Ikebana books because I don't know anything about ikebana but I enjoy bonsai so I imagine I'd like ikebana too