Friday, July 23, 2010

Nihongami books, hiki arrvied and another mystery miyako odori.

So I've been watching this nihongami book on YJA since the start of the year:Originally it was listed at 12000 Yen, but I managed to snag it for less than half!

The other nihongami book I bought a while ago is:
Not quite sure what this one contains, but I'm always excited to expand my book collection.

Of course this is the most amazing book regarding the maiko ensemble, including a step-by-step guide on the hairstyles, applying make-up, getting dressed and a comprehensive photo guide on accessories.
Admittedly it is a bit expensive, it is on ebay and occasionally is on YJA for a slightly cheaper price. I would recommend buying this if you can find it in your budget, or maybe make it a few birthday+christmas presents from the family XD.

Anyone know when Katsuno from Gion Kobu was a maiko?
I've just purchased a miyako odori that has her as a maiko but didn't have a date on it.
I know she's a geiko in my 1990 miyako odori so it must be some time in the 80's.
She is a stunning geiko tho,I'm hoping that there are plenty of photos of her in her maiko time in the odori programme!

In other exciting news I received my new maiko hiki in the post today!!!
Neither of the photos of it actually capture the colour of it properly.
All the camera batteries are flat atm, but I'll charge them up and try to capture teh colour right.
It is honestly a stunning piece!

I love how the maple leaves fade from green, to pale yellow and the bright orange ones.
The maple leaves and kiku on the skirt are huge!
Then there are tiny details on the skirt as well.
I'll try to get some more detailed photos cuz you can't see what designs are on the skirt in the photos.
I don't suppose anyone's seen a photo or a postcard or a maiko wearing it?
Even a faiko (someone dressing as a maiko from a henshin studio) would be cool.
The seller said they bought it 4 or 5 years ago so I don't expect to find a photo of Mamechiho wearing it XD

I've also tried out my gel nail kit on my toes.
I got a black base and my left foot and red design and my right foot has yellow design.
I went crazy buying rhinestones, fimo fruits and sparkly things!
I'll try to get a photo of them up too, I'm reasonably happy with them.
I like them cuz they're fun :)

I also started my floristry course this week!
That was really good, I've got a (what I think) is a really great teacher, lots of experience, passionate and enthusiastic about it and its contagious!

In the next few days I should have up the Miyako odori for 1996 and 2007 and some little booklet thing about Kyoto from the 50's. *shrugs* I scanned the photos of the maiko and geiko I thought were interesting to look at

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