Thursday, July 1, 2010

Its Thursday.

I lack creativity when it comes to making up titles unless I've got something specific to mention.

I did manage to snag one of Yamatoku's hakama+ko-furisode sets:

I got one where the furisode didn't just have the design on the shoulders because that looks so obviously for hakama for me, so this furi is a komon pattern so I can get more use out of it, I think I might wear this one to the Sakura Matsuri with this obi:

I'll keep an eye out for other obi that might work too.

I won 1 out of 3 of those things I was bidding on the other night, I don't really even know what they are but the translation said "Miyako practice"...?

Just another surprise for me :)
The other two things were a 1933 Miyako odori, in real patriotic spirit and the other was... Nope I don't know something about Gion Kobu and maiko lists?
Whoops, I forgot to list things on ebay this week but I'll try and get some stuff up next week.
I'm happy with the slow progress of selling of kimono, I need to clear some space -_-
I should be listing geta in a few weeks so stay tuned if you're interested.

I've also enrolled in a floristry course which should be interesting and I'm excited to get some Ikebana books because I don't know anything about ikebana but I enjoy bonsai so I imagine I'd like ikebana too

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Stéphanie said...

You have so many new Odori's programs, I hope you will have time to scan & post them on flickr like the others. I love them so much, I would be so glad for this !

I'm surprised to see that your obi is not completly dyed. Economy on a invisible part I guess. I'm waiting for a picture of the kimono wearing with it, I'm sure they will suit good together !

stéfan2009 (on Flickr)