Saturday, January 25, 2014

First kitsuke of the New Year a.k.a Ro Bamboo

I may have mentioned before that I have a love affair with ro kimono.
It may have to do with Australia being a warm place and ro is so light and breezy that they make a good match.
Also being so light ro kimono and obi are cheaper to buy from overseas!

When I was planning this kitsuke I wasn't actually going to use this kimono, I was going to use my calla lily kimono but this bamboo kimono caught my eye.

I bought this from Shinei when they were still eBay-ing. The A,B,C,D are some small holes that I was going to cover with embroidery. That was over two years ago and I still haven't done it...

Both the kimono and obi are a similar shade of green, I was trying out whether it would make me look taller, one continuous colour you know?
I don't have a full length shot though so I can't say how well it worked.
Please excuse my crooked photos and me looking a bit grumpy and the messy kitsuke. I had altered the kimono to make it bigger but now there's too much excess fabric so it was difficult trying to hide it.

I really should fix this kimono up, my original idea was a sparrow and some insects for the embroidery.
Here was my original design. Yep, two years ago.... It really does take me a long time to finish projects, partly because I always have about 10 different ones on the go...
It might be another two years before its done!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I was featured on a Treasury List!

My Lily-of-the-valley resin obidome was featured in a Lily- of-the-valley themed Treasury List.
This hasn't happened to me much before so I'm pretty stoked about it :)
You can view it Here

Also featured in this Treasury List is the vintage lily-of-the-valley print by Cicely Mary Barker

From TheOldMapShop which is a stunning shop!
As a little girl I had a few reproduction books of Cicely Mary Barker's fairies and always thought how beautiful they are. Actually I still have those books and still like flicking through them :)

I also listed a few new obidome:

I hope you like these new styles.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Immortal Geisha friendship swap results 2013

Last year was my first time participating in this annual event and I honestly enjoyed it so much that I can't wait to do it again next year!

The gift I sent off consisted of a teal embroidered han'eri, a pink vintage obijime- you know the wide kind and two obidome I made- a Scottie dog ( So cute! I haven't shown you guys that style yet) and lily of the valley.
The recipient emailed me to say she loved them all and I really hope she does and wasn't just being polite.

The gift I received was amazing! I'll gonna have to step it up for next year ;)
I was sent four mini maiko style kanzashi!

How beautiful are those?!
I was blown away and humbled that I was sent such lovely things.
Thankyou again to the person who sent me those :)

This year I'm going to be more prepared and have them ready to go sooner, my recipient received hers just after Christmas I think...

Did you participate in the IG freindship swap? If you did what did you send out and receive?

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Valentine's Day themed obidome!

This year I'll be trying to create obidome for other events and themes.
Truthfully I was supposed to have Christmas and winter themed obidome styles up for last December however I wasn't that organized. ( oops...)

So I've started it off with Valentine's Day themed obidome.
I've got two styles available:

Red heart with cracked gold leaf applied on top and a red rose obidome.

Gold glitter heart and red rose obidome.

I have three of each style available as I wasn't sure how popular the idea is going to be.
Other calendar events I was thinking of doing include: St Patrick's day, Easter, Mother's day ( a few variety's of kiku) umm, Halloween and Christmas/winter themed ones for the end of year.

Is there any styles that you would like to see available?