Sunday, January 12, 2014

Valentine's Day themed obidome!

This year I'll be trying to create obidome for other events and themes.
Truthfully I was supposed to have Christmas and winter themed obidome styles up for last December however I wasn't that organized. ( oops...)

So I've started it off with Valentine's Day themed obidome.
I've got two styles available:

Red heart with cracked gold leaf applied on top and a red rose obidome.

Gold glitter heart and red rose obidome.

I have three of each style available as I wasn't sure how popular the idea is going to be.
Other calendar events I was thinking of doing include: St Patrick's day, Easter, Mother's day ( a few variety's of kiku) umm, Halloween and Christmas/winter themed ones for the end of year.

Is there any styles that you would like to see available?

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