Monday, March 17, 2014

Etsy Sale on Kimono and Obi!

Just a quick shout out that until the end of March I'm having a sale on the Kimono and Obi sections of Kofuji Kimono!

Included in the sale are some pre-tied obi I listed recently., here's two examples:


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Interesting kimono remake shops on Etsy.

Every now and then I come across and interesting shop that uses kimono and obi fabric to make clothes or accessories. I know that's nothing new and some people don't like the idea on the fact that someone has cut apart kimono and obi to remake it but sometimes the creations are just sweet :)

Here are some of my favourite finds:

OniGokkoBags for when you need a funky backpack:

KiryuOri makes these adorable bow ties:

PriscillaTokyo uses vintage fabrics to make clothing.

Shantique creates amazing wedding dresses and clothing from kimono.

MaikoGirl makes these pretty cuffs from vintage fabrics, an easy way to show your love for kimono everyday.

I'm sure there's lots more shops out there, what are some of your favourites?