Saturday, December 19, 2015

Shibori and katazome trials

Some months before bubs was born I became very interested in the processes of shibori dyeing and katazome stenciling.
I'd bought some katagami stencils and once repaired I tried my hand at making a rice flour resist paste (Meh) and tried stencilling and dyeing.
The results were very average, the resist paste wasn't the right consistency I think.
I found after a few attempts that the dye needed to be brushed over the resist- submerging the whole thing in dye just dissolves the rice flour resist!
Here I was playing around with layers of dye.

The leaf stencil from the previous post all completed and fixed.
Love the intricacy of the design. 

Unfortunately I couldn't get all the fine details when I was dyeing it.
I need to practice with the rice flour paste as it was still grainy and not smooth enough to get the crisp lines.
I then tried just applying fabric paint through the stencil ( the silver/grey bits) and that came out really nice, it just used a lot of paint.

I also tried some very basic shibori methods:

 It was fun giving it a try but I think the big, wide world of shibori is one hobby too many. I'll have to just admire other peoples work ;)