Monday, February 6, 2012

Feelin' good.

Since July last year (when I moved in with my bf) I've been gaining a bit of weight and it didn't really bother me till November when all my summer stuff from the previous summer didn't fit!
So I started to cut back on the junk food and exercise a bit more, but didn't see any differences for 2 months, then when I stop trying I make progress!
In the month of January I lost 3 kg ( not heaps I know but its a start) and a couple of cms off my hips!
The bf and I are doing this together so hopefully we'll both get some results that we want.
Which is partially why I haven't been doing kitsuke as much as I should be ( only a part time job so I've got lots of spare time) I store most of my body fat on the thighs so it just looks yucky in kimono.

In other news we're moving again! To the Bendigo region of Victoria, I have no idea what its like because I've never been there but the bf went to check it out and said I'd like it... So here's hoping.

I've also slowly been editing some odori programmes. I've lost my passion for it so that's why I've been dragging my feet. I'm just kinda glad that I've got so many scanned and uploaded already so there's less out there for me to do. That being said I bought my first odori programme of the year last night: Kamogawa 1929!
I'm trying to not buy things from YJA because I don't have that much extra cash to spend and a purchase can easily end up costing way more than what I originally thought.

I actually also haven't made any progress on the kimono projects I spoke of last time...
I tried painting a sparrow rather than embroidering it, with the plan to have a small amount of embroidery as a feature on the tail. I got concerned about it being all embroidered in case the threads got pulled, if its only a small amount then it wouldn't matter so much....
so here's the birdy again, please excuse the silver tail and the gold body, I started with silver but changed to the copper/gold because I thought it looked better and imagine there's embroidery on the tail lol:

If I'm painting it I'll probably change the design a little, fill the wings in with more detail or something, I dunno, I did this on a whim one day and it turned out ok.