Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Obi project finished!

So excited to have this finished!
As mentioned before I bought the fabric and paints for this project WAY back in 2009 but never got it started.
Finally started painting it last year a few months before bubs was born and just finished sewing it up a couple of days ago!

So here is my first (albeit handmade) ro darari obi!

So pleased with how it looks!
Once I sew up my ro han'eri and find/make a ro obiage I'll dress up the mannequin again so it'll look more proper.
The mon section is taken from my other black darari:
I didn't put the stamens in, I thought it looked ok without them and figured I could always put them in later.
The obi is actually a two piece obi.
The three obi bolts bought for this project would either make it only patterned on one side if made full length ( about 6m) or I could make it a double sided two-piece ( what I went for) as I figured it you wouldn't be able to tell when it was tied up.
I'm really happy with the colour selection too.
I had originally planned for a black/white/red colour scheme but when I painted a test section up I couldn't find the right shade of red so after a lot of searching through photos I decided on gold instead of red.
I think the end result is a very clean, sleek looking obi and the colours look nice with the summer maiko hikizuri above, as I made the obi to go with the kimono!
For ages I've been trying to buy a summer darari to go with the kimono but no luck.
Although just recently I have gone from 0 summer darari to 3! Didn't see that one coming, but one of those obi is another work in progress but it will go nicely with both my summer maiko hikizuri, although it'll probably take me another 7 years before its done as well.....