Monday, November 10, 2014

Re-discovered goodies

About two days after my last blog post the bf and I decided we (I) should paint out my craft room. I'd only just got my room back and we pulled everything out again!
Luckily it was a slow week for me at work so I had plenty of time to get it painted and started organizing everything to go back into the room yesterday.
While I was sorting through all sorts of interesting things I came across some old maiko postcards and vintage posters that I haven't had a chance to scan yet.
Here's a few quick photos:

The posters seems to be just larger versions of many postcards I've seen.
Nevertheless I'll try to scan them anyway.
In this last photo I've got two of the same Kamogawa odori however you can easily see the difference in the colour of the two covers. Obviously the one on the left has been stored with care as the colours are still bright and vibrant as opposed to the right one which is faded and dark.
I've also got some pre-ww2 Miyako and Kamogawa odori, really need to get back into my odori programs!