Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Etsy new items.

Hi everyone,

I've added a few new things to my Etsy shop Kofuji Kimono.
A big thankyou to everyone so far who have bought things, its a slow process selling everything.

All these geta are $20 plus postage.  Here.

Obi on the left:
Wheel maru obi: $25
Ro thistle obi: $39
Navy nagoya obi: $15

Obi on Etsy.

Kimono on the left:
Vintage blue irotomesode: $120
Red patchwork juban: $50 

Kimono  on Etsy.

Thanks for looking as always!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kamogawa odori uploads and random YJA finds.

I still have that massive pile to odori programs to scan and upload....
I had forgotten about them as I've been trying to sell lots of stuff lately so my craft/kimono room is so un organised as there's stuff everywhere to be photographed/description written etc so I really haven't had a chance to do the odori programs.
But today I uploaded all the Kamogawa odori I had ready:






Here is the Kamogawa folder of my Flickr if you wish to view any of these.

I browse YJA nearly every day. Its a bit sad but its a habit that I haven't shaken from when I was seriously intensely collection odori programs and maiko things.
Although I use it now for finding lolita clothing I still search for maiko and kimono things.
So here's some interesting goodies I found:

These are still pretty cheap at the moment. Given that I think that's Momotaro in there these would date from around the Taisho era, on ebay you would buy each individually for $30 (or more or less depending if the seller who their stuff) 
All really pretty, if I had found these even a few months ago I would buy them.

No idea what this magazine is actually called.... but I do actually own this so you can see the scans on my Flickr if you wanted to know what it contained before buying.

More Taisho postcards. Again, I'm kinda tempted to buy these but I probably won't.
Still very cheap at the moment, with 3 days to go. I've seen auctions like this before where they might end at 8,000 yen or more.

Well that's all for now :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Etsy listings- Odori programs

So its been about a week since I opened the Etsy shop and its going rather well I think.
I was worried that because it isn't as popular as eBay that it would take a while to sell things but I've already sold a couple of things so I think its all good :)

Today I listed all the pre-1993 odori programs for sale to my Etsy Shop, that just leaves the 2008 and 1994 Miyako odori not on Etsy but is still available through my Flickr.

Miyako Odori:

Left coloumn:
Miyako 1986 $16.50 Good condition, cover has some general wear and creases but still very good.
Miyako 1971 $42.50 Fragile conditon, spine is coming apart, cover has some marks.
Miyako 1992 $16.50 Small marks on covers, spine in good condition.
Miyako 1931 $47.50 Fragile condition, spine coming apart, inside pages have age spots and colour.
Right hand coloumn:
Miyako 1983 $16.50 Good condition, cover has creases and general wear.
Miyako 2008 $16.50 Good condition, cover does and some creases and general wear.
Miyako 1994 $16.50 Small scuffs on covers, otherwise good.
Miyako 1933 $47.50 Fragile condition, spine coming apart, inside pages have age spots and coloured.

Kyo 1951 $37.50 fragile condition. Spine is fraying, small marks and age spots on covers.
Kitano 1992 $16.50 Small marks on covers but otherwise good condition.

Top row:
Kamogawa 1966
Kamogawa 1987
Kamogawa 1986
Second row:
Kamogawa 1988
Kamogawa 1986
Kamogawa 1958
All Kamogawa odori are $16.50 in good condition, cover has general wear and creases.

I will be adding more kimono and obi soon, as well as more maiko/geiko photo books :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Kofuji Kimono on Etsy!

Today I opened an Etsy shop to help sell my kimono and other things.

Kofuji Kimono will have lots of kimono, obi, geta, kanzashi, books and many other little surprises.
Here is what I have for sale at the moment:

I will be adding more things later, thanks for looking :)