Friday, November 9, 2012

Etsy listings- Odori programs

So its been about a week since I opened the Etsy shop and its going rather well I think.
I was worried that because it isn't as popular as eBay that it would take a while to sell things but I've already sold a couple of things so I think its all good :)

Today I listed all the pre-1993 odori programs for sale to my Etsy Shop, that just leaves the 2008 and 1994 Miyako odori not on Etsy but is still available through my Flickr.

Miyako Odori:

Left coloumn:
Miyako 1986 $16.50 Good condition, cover has some general wear and creases but still very good.
Miyako 1971 $42.50 Fragile conditon, spine is coming apart, cover has some marks.
Miyako 1992 $16.50 Small marks on covers, spine in good condition.
Miyako 1931 $47.50 Fragile condition, spine coming apart, inside pages have age spots and colour.
Right hand coloumn:
Miyako 1983 $16.50 Good condition, cover has creases and general wear.
Miyako 2008 $16.50 Good condition, cover does and some creases and general wear.
Miyako 1994 $16.50 Small scuffs on covers, otherwise good.
Miyako 1933 $47.50 Fragile condition, spine coming apart, inside pages have age spots and coloured.

Kyo 1951 $37.50 fragile condition. Spine is fraying, small marks and age spots on covers.
Kitano 1992 $16.50 Small marks on covers but otherwise good condition.

Top row:
Kamogawa 1966
Kamogawa 1987
Kamogawa 1986
Second row:
Kamogawa 1988
Kamogawa 1986
Kamogawa 1958
All Kamogawa odori are $16.50 in good condition, cover has general wear and creases.

I will be adding more kimono and obi soon, as well as more maiko/geiko photo books :)

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