Monday, July 12, 2010

166th Kamogawa odori-2003

see the set here on Fickr

I'll be uploading more in the next few days, but I'm not sure what years they will be.
With the kamo odori they seemed to have stopped producing two programmes in 1999 (according to my calculations).
I have a 66th Kamo odori.
First kamo odori was in 1871.
I don't know when they started producing two programmes a year.
So assuming they did one a year that would make the 66th from 1937...
If its 66th kamo odori is the 23rd odori in the Showa period that makes it in 1949...
So I'm gonna call the 66th Kamo of the year 1949.
So perhaps what I think is the 109th/1952 kamo odori isn't actually the correct year...
Make sense to anyone?

I have a Aki no Kamogawa that I honestly I know idea when it is, I can recognize the kanji for Showa period and the numbers 6 and 11.
I have a Miyako odori from 1958 coming up soon!
I didn't know when it was from but I've just learned to look at what year of the emperor it is. That doesn't sound right. Showa 32 is 1958. Makes so much sense to me now!
And postcards as well are on their way.

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