Tuesday, July 13, 2010

66th Kamogawa odori-1949

Well I think its from 1949, its definitely the 66th Kamo odori.

See the set here
You can name the maiko and geiko if you want because they didn't have the English written name.
This is in poor condition, the cover have come completely off and the seem is in bad nick. Poor thing.

Up next is an unidentified Aki no Kamogawa odori.
No idea.
Then postcards and then I've got some Miyako odori to put up.

I also need to get some red dye for my maiko han'eri project.
I received the white han'eri the other day, two seem to be chirimen fabric and the other three seem to be shibori fabric... I wonder how dying and embroidery will go on the shibori ones?
I'll let you know how that turns out...

Oh, and Jonathan got eliminated from Masterchef :'( He was my favourite.

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