Monday, January 21, 2013

New look blog and more odori uploads

Hi all.

So I've been meaning to "pretty up" my blog for a while now and its just never happened.
Then the other day I pulled out some of my kanzashi, laid it out on one of my kimono, spent an hour arranging it and taking photos from every angle in every camera option....  finally came up with a decent photo I've put up as the header.
Then I tried making a simple yet elegant background... Not quite happy with the current one so I might play around with that a bit more...
I don't spose it really matters, chances are by th etime you read this I'll have made one that I'm happy with.
So me telling you this is kinda pointless yes?


Odori programs!!
Still working on the Kamogawa odori:

I've still got a few more Kamogawa Odori  to upload but then I'll move on to Gion or Kyo odori.
I've also got some photos of my kanzashi that I've been meaning to upload but haven't yet...
Might try to get those up tomorrow..
And photos of my maiko hikizuri that I finished sewing!
Well I still have't put the extra fabric at the under arm openings and I have a terrible feeling that I've positioned the sleeves wrong but otherwise-Yay!

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