Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kitano Odori uploads and Kimono Remake #1

I've recently uploaded Kitano Odori from 1982-1989 on my Flickr.
In those Kitano are some of the maiko hikizuri that were recently up for auction on YJA a few weeks ago, just as a point of interest to anyone, I found them interesting because on the TM forums members had found those hiki being worn by Ume- maiko however in the Odori Programmes they are worn by Katsu- maiko so either they had two name lines or what, I don't know but it adds an extra dimension into the mystery.

Another project I've been looking at is turning kimono into dresses, skirts, coats etc and there's a great thread on IG forums about it Here.
As much as I love kimono sometimes its just not practicable to wear them so I really liked this idea for everyday wearing.

So here's what I came up with:

A very simple skirt, I was practising shirring so that's why the rest of it is basic. It turned out ok, but its not tight enough around my waist though, so I don't know if I need to change the thread tension or whether I should've used only three panel rather than four. Or used five panels but gather them a lot more so it flows more.
Either way, its ok but not great. I wasn't going to wear it outside the house anyway because the fabric is badly stained by grease it looks like. I tried washing the fabric before I sewed it up but I couldn't get rid of all the stains.

Here's the original kimono:

Sooo....that's what I did today.
I used one body panel, cut into four equal part, so I still have some fabric left to work with.

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