Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kimono de Jack Australia's first meet!

On Sunday was the Summer Japanese Festival down in Melbourne and the first KDJ Aus meet took place there!
Admittedly it was only the two of us but we handed out some flyers to people dressed in kimono and hopefully we can get some new people for the next event! Already the Facebook page has a few new likers :)

Just a small selection of photos, there's more on the KDJ Aus facebook page.

Was a good day, apart from being sunburnt to a crisp by the end of the day and nearly being blown away the rest of the time lol. Many people in yukata, some in proper kimono, some in shiny satin kimono, some in wa-loli, some in cosplay... some people were even just wearing haori over jeans or tights so it was good to see the variety :)

I think there will be another even planned soon so if you're interested please like the facebook page and keep watching!
My kitsuke wasn't great, I got changed in the toilets of a restaurant and my musubi got squished early on trying to move through the crowds... and it probably got really messy when I joined in the dance lol but it was fun!

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