Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New kimono kitsuke

I don't buy all that much anymore, I've got more kimono than I'll ever need and some I haven't even worn so I've been hard on myself and said "no" to many things. However I've basically got no spring kimono! Or winter really for that matter, but summer and autumn I've got covered.

So I bought a plain-ish komon for Shinei. I don't buy much from them, mostly because I can't remember my password and the website is difficult to use, but no denying there are some lovely things on there.
Although its autumn here, this is a springy outfit (hopefully) everything is non-seasonal but the colours look spring to me.
What do you think?

Actually looking at the photos it could pass for a winter ensemble as the colours are quite icy.
Don't mind the hat either, it was the first thing I picked up to get my hair off my neck, I had some moles removed yesterday and my neck is really sore :( so that's the story behind the hat lol.\
I used a biyosugata to tie my obi today, I still haven't managed to use it with ease, but at least I managed to tie it on without throwing a hissy fit ( like I've done before lol) It actaully worked pretty well, but the waist part was very loose on me. Bit more practice perhaps... 
I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out today :)

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