Monday, October 29, 2012

Kimono, Haori and some Maiko Stuff For Sale.

Hi everyone :)

I'm selling some more pretties on my Flickr:

Top row:
*Bamboo haori-$30
*girls haori-Sold.
*Stripe haori-$1
Middle Row:
*Kofurisode and hakama set-$120
*Purple komon-$10
Bottom row:
*Ro komon-$50
*All shibori houmongi-$50
*Vintage juban-$50
All are open to offers, I just want to get rid of these.

Maiko Postcards: $15.
Maiko half Han'eri: $40.
Kyo Odori Plate: $15.
Kinchaku: $50.

Please have a look at all the detailed photos of the items as well, in my
 Flickr folder and contact me on Flickr or here if you are interested in anything.
Next I'm going to be listing some books. I've collected many over the years.
 Most will be in Japanese but will have photos (my original reason for buying
 them as I don't speak/read Japanese apart from the odd phrase/word) so
 hopefully that will interest some of you.
Then I think I'll list some obi and obijime/obiage and some general kitsuke items.
Basically I'm selling most of my collection as I don't really wear any of them
 and may as well put the money towards clothes I will wear. Sad truth.
 I've been thinking this way for a while now. I'm sure some of you also go
 through phases where you wonder why you collect kimono but this has
 been hanging around in my thoughts for a while now.

So feel free to make an offer on any of my items. If it took me 5 years to collect
 all that I have, it might take another 5 years to sell it all...

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