Thursday, June 17, 2010

Its wet today.

So I'm staying inside in front of the fire.

I went to Zumba again yesterday and nothing hurts today, yay!
They were talking about doing two classes a night but we wouldn't be able to make both classes, we can barley make the one!
There's just a bit of traveling involved.
Ok, picture my town in the center, then off to the left (an hour away) is orange.On the right side of my town is Cowra (30mins and where the classes are) my friend works in Orange, finishes at 4.30, has got to drive home, change and do other little jobs before she can leave so we're lucky if we get there on 6 (usually a bit after)
So when the instructure said they'd do two classes we were hoping for a 6pm and a 7pm class, just to make things easier, instead they made it a 5pm and 6pm classes -_-
Not happy Jan.

Whats else...
Searching YJA and I found this cute little kanzashi, I don't know if its trying to represent a real flower or what.
It actually reminds me of the time I tried to make a fuchsia kanzashi

Oh my Gosh!!!
I love this website ikuokaya! That link will take you to the kanzashi page.
They do have heaps of other stuff and that's probably where I'll buy a maiko obijime and obiage from.
But, kanzashi, these are available for the month of June:

They are all amazing.
Last month for May they had an amazing pink wisteria up... for $540USD... Which would've easily been almost $700AUD once you convert the currency and add the international postage *cries*
They also have these cute pinwheel kanzashi towards the bottom of the page, I'd really like to get them too, I think they'd be really cute to wear with yafuku as well as kimono.
Next month they should *hopefully* have pampass grass up!!!
Here's an example of pampass grass kanzashi for maiko
I bet they'd cost an arm and a leg too. *le sigh*
I think I'll ask Crescent shop for a quote on the maiko kanzashi for this month, they should get back to me in a few days.

Nope, they got back to me today, which is really fast.
Anyway, those cute little umbrellas are 13400 Yen and those flowers are 10500Yen and you can choose a colour if you'd like.
I didn't get a quote for the combs tho, but the red maiko comb looks easy enough to re-create.
Looks like the comb is covered with red chirimen fabric (?) then wrapped with silver thread and the tsumami petals and fan are just placed on top. Easy.
I even have a comb I could try it on... It was originally covered with tsumami petals but they were really old,dirty and one side looked like the tsmami had been shaved off so I pulled everything off it months ago, intent on re-doing the whole thing but I go out of my kanzashi kick so it never happened.

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