Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Its Wednesday.

Ok, so I did sell some more kimono this week, yay!
Again to another Aussie person, which is great :)
I sold the bamboo komon, Black sakura komon and that cute blue komon with flowers... I'll actually be a bit sad to see the blue one go, was a bit fond of it, but not enough to keep so I hope someone else enjoys it.

I'm not much of a girly-girl, nor am I a tom-boy... So it's a bit of a surprise that I've recently started liking nail art. Awesome. So I've bought a cheap gel nail kit off ebay and plan to practice on my toes.
Toes you say? Why not, oh I don't know, your fingernails?
I work in hospitality so pretty nails is a no-no.
So I'm *hopefully* gonna have funky as toes.
I'll let you know how that goes...

I bought a Kamogawa odori today. The 166th and the listing says that is the year 2003.
So my question is did they stop doing two (spring and autumn) dances?
I'm pretty sure they still do both but it sounds like they stopped producing the autumn odori programme?
That's just my speculation, so if you do actually know I'd love to know :)

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Stéphanie said...

Damn ! I LOVE the cover ! What I know about Pontocho's Odori is : until 1997 the Automn Odori was named Aki no Kamogawa Odori and after the name was changed to "Suimekai"
I hope it can help you :)