Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Maiko ro han'eri

So that pretty little decorative collar that maiko wear under their kimono are rare and expensive... but I was lucky enough to get my hands on one, used but I'm not complaining.
Ro is a summer fabric, my favourite fabric for kimono in fact, I just love the feeling and the coolness of it.
So this should go pretty well with my sha maiko hikizuri.
Disappointing that the week I bought my water lily hikizuri a ro maiko darari obi was listed on ebay, but I couldn't buy both items.
So here is my pretty collar and some close up photos, apologies for my crappy photography skillz.

What I found dissappointing about this was the gold flecks through the red- I thought they were woven into the fabric, but hopefully you should see in the photos the gold flecks are just sewn on. If I'd known that I would've embroidered my own ages ago.
I expected the Karyƫkai to be extremely lavish and want the best, no offense or anything but just embroidering the gold flecks seems lazy, I honestly would've thought weaving the gold thread through the red fabric would be more extravagant.

If you would like to buy a new maiko han'eri or obiage or obijime then please check out this site.
Next on my list are darari obi, obijime and obiage.

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shanysa said...

I kinda agree about the whole fleck thing. Embroidery is hard work and you can tell that whoever did this took a lot of time on the white pieces, but seemed to not care as much on the goldies. I never thought about that before'o';