Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Zumba and bidding opponent on YJA.

Myself and two of my friends went to our first Zumba dance class in the neighbouring town.
Oh my Gosh... my calf muscles don't thank me.
Perhaps it was just the style of the teacher but the workout was really only on the legs, not much work was done on the core or upper body.
Then again I haven't done any physical exercise since high school... so I'll be going back next week and hopefully in a few weeks I won't ache so much.

I swear everytime I bid on an odori programme on YJA I come up against this one person.
Here's my list on how I feel about this:
a) Pissed off cuz I really wanted that one!
b) thankful that clearly they go to a collector ( i hope)
c) wanting some way to contact this person so I can say I want X odori programme so let me have it, please (highly unlikely)
I bring this up because right now I'm bidding on some odori programmes and this person is also bidding...
They are two Miyako odori. They don't have dates tho.
The one I got cheap (cheapish) look like it may be 60's?
The other one looks similar to a 40's one I missed out on a few months ago but that's only a hunch.
Grrr. The other person just outbidded me on the-what-i-think-is-from-the-40's programme, and without a date I'm going to let it go.
There's an awesome all shibori furisode on ebay atm and apart from hikizuri I haven't bought any kimono or obi in months.
I'm hoping to spoil myself with an all shibori some time this year.
I haven't bought any normal, wearable kimono and want to get my wearing kimono wardrobe in good quality.

Anyway, back to the odori programmes:
Whenever I lose an auction I make sure to save the photo of the cover of the programme, I'm thinking, with permission of some people, trying to compile a list of District, year, and the cover photo of each programme so if someone comes across an auction that doesn't have the programme dating ( like i have above) they might be able to track the year.
Just an idea, plus it'd be interesting looking at how the cover art evolves over the years.

Anyway, I must be off to bed or I'll be very cranky tomorrow.

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