Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just because.

Firstly, boys. Boy, singular actually. Stupid, mean, awful. Dickhead.
It's been an eventful day.
Damn my nature of assuming the best of people.

In other news...
I uploaded some more vintage maiko postcards on Flickr the other day but forgot to put them here: So here is one set . And here are some other, random postcards.

I mentioned before about wearing hakama to the sakura matsuri and I don't think its appropriate, however I still want to buy a ko-furisode and hakama set that Yamatoku have up atm.
I've got a few that I like so I need to narrow it down to one set, and I spose a backup set if I don't get the first one.

Political news:
Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd resigned today and Australia has its first female prime minister.
Poor Kevvy, just watching the news and its sad.
I don't really give a ** about politics but I want my leader to have a good personality and I think Ruddy is funny.
I hope Julia does well.

I'm also bidding on some more odori programmes... I hope I get them, make today worthwhile.

If I'm busy doing something I can't mope about that boy, so my next project is trying to make my own maiko han'eri. What design do you think I should do?
I think a fan one would be an easy one to start with...
Here's a thread on TM about maiko han'eri, there's a thread for each district
Just for inspiration.
i'll get my sketch pad out...


Kumiyanagi said...

If it were me I'd want to do a willow han'eri or maybe spider mums or some geometric pattern like seigaiha or yabane.

On a side not I don't think is Rudd'$ as funny as ol'Johnny Eyebrows. More funny than the Ginger Ferret though. (¬_¬)I... er... give the pm's vaguely funny nicknames, it's a habit. Mind you it all happened so quickly, if you told me two weeks ago Gillard would be pm before June was out I would have been very incredulous. I'm still a little ಠ_ರೃ about it. I keep thinking what are they going to do on GNW on monday?

Kofuji said...

ROTFLMAO! I can't wait for GNW!
I was thinking of starting with a geometric pattern for a han'eri, my embroidery skills aren't the best but I'd love to do a willow one, so pretty!