Sunday, June 20, 2010

Movies and what's new.

Went to the movies last night and saw Prince of Persia last night.
I honestly wasn't expecting to enjoy it, but I did.
Usually action movies aren't my thing, but I like knife throwing rather than bullets so it suited me fine.
What I really want to see is Get him to the Greek. Looks funny as.
I also really want to see Toy Story 3...
Which is funny in itself because about a year or two ago I didn't like any of these main-stream, pop culture, dumb movies, I stuck mainly towards quirky, international films.
Speaking of quirky international films I have seen a few more lately.
I've seen this a few times, not by design tho, it just seems to be on.
I can't say its the best film I've ever seen, good example of the realities of love, not always black and white.
4months, 3 weeks and 2 days
Hmmm, not that exciting...
7 virgins
I only saw the beginning half of this...
A friend of mine
This was one of the Daniel Bruhl movies that I mentioned before.Good movie.
Black book
I quite like this.
Curse of the golden flower
One of my favourite movies.
Eight miles high
Ferpect crime
I think I've seen it.....
Four stars
I really liked this one, it was funny and a fun film.
I served the King of England
Aww, poor guy, always trying to hard to be a part of a group that he'll never get into.

Enough of that...
I didn't win any of my shibori kimono.
Again I'm bidding on a Miyako odori programme, undated again... Just to make things easy for me...
But because another Crescent Shop member has bid on it I can't bid on it using Crescent Shop, so when that happens I use Japan Auction Center and it hasn't registered my bid yet... What? How does that happen?
I'm not happy. I've only used JAC once before and I didn't have any trouble with it and that was for my sha maiko hiki so there was more money than the odori programme.
Why hasn't it gone thru? My bid is more than what the auction is at now, I don't understand why its not working...
I'll stop my whinging now...

Damn my crappy small-town post office not being open on Saturdays...
I was tracking my water lily hiki thru the post and it said it'd reached my post office on Friday, so Friday after work I rush down the street to get it... Alas... It hadn't been put in my box so I'm eagerly waiting for tomorrow so I can check my post office box after work... Yay!

I don't have anything else to say...

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