Friday, July 24, 2015

Odori and random maiko postcards and posters sale

Yeah, I'm still sorting through stuff.

I had honestly been debating for the past year or so whether to sell my odori collection, but chances of finding someone who would want them is a bit slim.

But if you are interested I have all the Kitano odori I've collected for sale, my outside of Kyoto odori, Miyako-no-nigiwai odori, Onshukai ( autumn dance for Gion Kobu) and vintage booklets for pre-ww2 Miyako and Kamogawa odori.
Plus some pretty postcards, the 1968 calendar featuring Mineko Iwasaki, I've also got 4 Miyako Odori featuring her as well and some lovely maiko posters that I've personally not seen elsewhere.

I've got them put up on my Flickr again and a few things I've put up on Etsy and/or Ebay.
I'll link them under each photo and whichever avenue you'd prefer to use,cool.

There's some other things in my sales folder that I haven't put here so have a look over there if you're interested.

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