Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mannequin kitsuke- Slytherin kimono and hounds-tooth obi

Ah, so I chickened out of making one of my nagoya obi into a pre-tied obi...

In the end it seemed like far less work to just make a pre-tied obi from scratch.

That whole sentence is to be read sarcastically.... I don't know what compelled me but once I had that thought ( and the fabric) there was no changing my mind.

Houndstooth in kimono is one of those pretty rare, usually expensive, Western motifs that you see now and then on some Japanese blog, with super stylish ladies and generally makes me jealous and wished I had something for myself.

Well now I do ( although if I'm being honest I would still love an oversized houndstooth print on a kimono or yukata...)

I already had the fabric in my sewing stash, originally intended for a skirt or dress but I needed a stiffer interfacing. The one I had used previously for pre-tied obi ( see here) gave a much softer, casual feel to the obi and I thought it wouldn't work well for the look I was trying to achieve with this fabric.
I think the stiffer one works perfectly for this!

The hardest part was trying to keep the pattern straight and lining up nicely!
But I think it came up looking pretty good.
I made the wire hook on the back on the drum part detachable, so it comes off and the obi can be washed.
Except I didn't get a photo of that sorry... Good idea though...

I didn't have a clue which of my kimono it would look any good with so I just grabbed my old favourite- my Slytherin kimono.
I think this is part 14 in the Slytherin ensembles saga....
(actually it's the fourth... First, Second, Third just if your curious ;)

Anyway! I do like the overall look, I feel like its missing something though.
The cherry on top, per say.
Maybe I should've flipped the obijime and had the red side showing and a different coloured han'eri for more contrast?

(also made a houndstooth han'eri while I had the fabric out, if you missed it)

Not that I'll be wearing kimono a lot in the next few months but its a fun and easy piece to wear for when I do.

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