Saturday, September 29, 2012

More goodies for sale :)

I'm sure most of you are getting bored with me posting only about selling stuff but I am finding new homes for things, so soon I'll take a break from selling.

I sold 7 things last week! That's great!
 I sold the Marumage wig :) that made its way over to Western Australia to its new home.
A few obi I sold to a lady also in Victoria and I even sold an obi to a lady in Bendigo (!) who was giving it to an elderly Japanese friend for Christmas, Awww! I think that's so sweet :)
And a few geta are going over to Westerna Australia as well.

Ok this week I have:

*Clear varnish wooden geta with blue and white hanao
*Black painted geta with red hanao
*Plain wooden geta with gold and black hanao.

* Sky blue iro-tomesode with wisteria design
*Pruple komon with hexagon design
* Shiromuko
*Meiji era girls furisode

*Red and black hakata obi
*Brown and white stripe with swirl detail
*Ro fukuro obi with water wheel.

Please have a look at them in My eBay :)

In the next few weeks I might start on scanning more odori programs as I'll be receiving them soon.
Hopefully I'll be sharing with you my latest sewing project soon... Its only taken me a week... and two years!

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