Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Scans and Biyosugata!

Trying to knuckle down and scan more goodies in!
I finally grew enough balls to scan my 1913 Miyako odori, I've been putting it off for best part of half a year but its done now!
Have also done 1926 Miyako and 1929 Kamogawa and some lovely old (Taisho) and vinatge (60's) postcards.
I've got a 1964 (I think) Miyako and three 1950's Kyo odori to scan and edit then share with everyone!

A couple of weeks ago I picked up about half of my kimono collection Yay!!!
Its also Immortal Geisha's 10th year anniversary this year and I've been wanting to dress in my IG coloured kimono with my new lotus obi to celebrate:

I thought I'd try using my Biyosugata out just to tie a normal taiko..... Well it sucked! I haven't used a Biyo before so I guess it was going to be difficult the first time anyway but I just couldn't get the hang of it!
I went and read the IG thread of how to use a Biyosugata and think I picked up a few hints, I'll hopefully try again in a few days with pictures... Maybe...

I also am going to take new photos of all my kimono stuffs, I started with my maiko hikizuri with pine and crane design:

See more photos here

I haven't really shared any of my recent purchases lately but I do have a few, most excitedly I won three massive lots of odori programs a few weeks ago:

WOOHOO! It'll be a couple of months probably before I scan/uploads these but I just wanted to share :)

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