Thursday, June 21, 2012

Photographing my collection!

Firstly, I am really bad at taking photos. There, you've been warned.
Anyway, for the longest time I've wanted to take really nice photos of all my kimono... still do. Buut until such a time when I get better I've been taking crappy photos of my stuff :p


My entire obiage collection to date. At the start of the year I bought a mixed lot of obiage. I nearly have every possible colour, at least in the pink/orange/red section and most of them are shibori and only two are ro lol! Better work on that...

 The majority of my obijime collection, except I didn't make a pretty rainbow out of them :(

Two pretty fans I bought from Shinei before they got shut down... on ebay I should say.

If you are interested in close-ups of the above they are in the Kimono accessories folder of my flickr.

Now the good stuff ;)
Since I sold my kiku kuro hikizuri last year I'm technically down to two geiko's hikizuri.
Both of them I think are around mid Showa age and not in wearable condition, so please admire them for all their prettyness.

This wave hikizuri has golden thread woven into the fabric all over giving it a beatuiful shimmery look that makes some photos look off in colour, but the base colour is a nice purple.
The fabric is old and ripping in certain places.
This was the first hikizuri I bought back in 2009 from the original Ryu on ebay.
Like I said, I'm not a great photographer but this one looks much nicer in person. But its badly stained, like someone splashed tea all over it :(

Maiko hiki!

I bought it listed as a furisode with the tucks removed, but because the upper body is so badly discoloured it was rather obvious what it was.
It has beautiful autumn leaves that I just love!
I was also lucky enough to find a maiko wearing it in my 1958 Miyako odori porgam.
So at 54 (if not more) years of age its retiring with me :)
Here is the set on Flickr to see more photos or to view them in a larger size.
Hopefully will get around to doing more soon, but knowing me it'll be a while lol


mysli said...

Wow! I love the Obiage-rainbow! And I envy your Collection of Obiage and Obijime...

Sekhet said...

what a petty whit the spots on the striped one, I find it very beautiful, old and yet modern, Like Like

Kofuji said...

Thankyou for your comments :)