Thursday, May 31, 2012

Odori program sale

I'm going through my entire collection of things and am starting with my doubles of dance programs:

Clockwise from top left:
Miyako 1992 $15 Small marks on covers, spine in good condition.
Miyako 1994 $15 Small scuffs on covers, otherwise good.
Miyako 1931 $45 Fragile condition, spine coming apart, inside pages have age spots and colour.
Miyako 1933 $45 Fragile condition, spine coming apart, inside pages have age spots and coloured.
Miyako 1971 $40 Fragile conditon, spine is coming apart, cover has some marks.

Clockwise from top left:
Kamogawa 1989 $15 good condition.
Kamogawa 1958 $20 fair condition. Crease on front & back covers, small scuffs on edges, inside pages are age coloured.
Kyo 1951 $35 fragile condition. Spine is fraying, small marks and age spots on covers.
Kyo 2009 $15 Good condition.
Kitano 1992 $15 Small marks on covers bt otherwise good condition.
Aiko no Kamogawa 1995 $15 Good condition.

Clockwise from top left: Onshukai from 1993, 
Kaomise Kabuki 1961,
Onshukai 1994
Onshukai, I can't read the date on this one but it must be early 1990's because Mineko (not Iwasaki) is still a maiko.
All good condition, the Onshukai have no English and only one photo of a maiko.
The Kabuki has an Eglish description of the acts.
$5 each

If you want to swap something instead I'll consider all offers :)

If these don't get sold in a couple of months I'll list them on ebay for auction.
I will also list some kimono and other stuff soon, will just take me slightly longer to sort through that stuff.

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