Saturday, May 19, 2012

More uploads

I have been super slack lately and sick but I uploaded the 2003 Miyako today.
Hopefully get some other stuff up tomorrow...
Also if your interested a guy on Flickr has uploaded some photos of his grandmother and mothers' collection of hikizuri and accessories... Miyako maeri and Miyako gaeri are the accounts he uses, he doesn't have a pro account so there won't be any more uploads till next month but there are some beautiful pieces that have been shown so far!

I haven't had a chance to research more about my pine maiko hikizuri.
I think the last I wrote about was the portrait of Mamehiro asking if anyone could translate the text, well Toshiha from the IG forums had a co-worker translate it:

"She has a small, ideal looking face for a maiko. She is part of the same okiya as Mamehana, a shinjinrui maiko--she is a type of girl who talks softly."

It also says she is a "Shinjinrui Maiko" - shinjinrui is a sort of slang for a person who is born in Heisei period, i.e. it's saying she is young. (not just age wise but like she is a modern girl with modern speech too)."

Now there wasn't a Mamehana at that time but the is Mameka, these are also from the Bacchus magazine scans in my flickr:

Rosarote from flickr was kind enough to get the text for me:
舞妓になって十ヵ月。 〝新人類舞妓”の筆頭的存在。 とにかく賑やかさにかけては甲部随一。 たまたま同期だったことも手伝い, 豆花をリーダー格に、 まめ丸、 真嬉の 三人で 〝ハナ・マル・キ〝 トリオを結成。 お座敷の台風の目である。
From google translate: 
Ten months to become maiko. Presence of the head of "Maiko new humanity." Is busy during the best part anyway instep. To help readers rated, a bean flower, formed round beans, "Hana-Maru wood" trio of three people happy also true that it was by chance synchronization. Some in the eye of the storm of Ozashiki.

I think it mentions Mamemaru:

Again from Rosarote: Here's the kanji:
宝塚の大ファン。 が、 宝塚には入らず、 なぜか舞妓になってしまった。 ステージ に向かってキャーキャー騒ぐのが大好き。
According to Google translate, she was a fan of Takarazuka (I'm assuming that refers to the all-female acting troupe), but she decided to become a Maiko instead.

Also from the Bacchus magainze is a portrait of Mameha that I think mentions Mameka:
「熱しやすく冷めやすい性格」とは、 同じ置屋の姉妹舞妓・豆花の弁。 なんとなくジャネット八田に似た、 おっとり美形.
From google translate: And "personality easily warmed up but just as easily cooled down" is a valve of the same flower, beans Maiko Okiya sister. Janet somehow similar to Hatta, filled with beautiful unfussy.
Ummm, I take that to mean she's a bit shy, can be fun, like her sisters in the okiya. Is the description referring to this Janet Hatta?

So I don't really know...
But just because they are "Mame" maiko doesn't mean they are actual sisters... 

Mamemaru is wearing a similar kimono to this:
And I know maiko recently ( in the past 5 years or so) have been wearing a similar kimono, if not the same one. I don't know if it is the same kimono, if it is then Mamemaru isn't from the okiya I'm searching for as they have a kikyo mon and the maiko in the above photo has a tsuta (ivy) mon on her fan....
I just don't know! At least I found some maiko wearing my kimono :)

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