Monday, May 10, 2010

Julie and Julia

So i watched this the other day.
Clearly its got me inspired to start this whole blogging thing again.
As someone who works in the hospitality industry it was great to watch from that aspect (technical) and but also very entertaining to watch as a no brainer.
I understood how obsessive Julia was about it, I get incredibly obsessive about my kimono sometimes and my wisteria!!!
It was good, funny, you should see it if you haven't already.

Originally what i wanted to do with this blog was to have a list of all the foreign films I've watched for personal reference.
I haven't been doing a very good job of this so I'll chuck some movies that i can remember up.

Wikipedia does a better summary than I do.
I quite liked this one, i found all the relationships working together/against each other interesting to watch.

Goodbye Lenin!,_Lenin!
This is a great movie!
Many, many years ago I saw a single scene from this movie and it stuck with me for the next 3 or so years it took for me to actually see this movie in whole.
It was the scene where he meets his half siblings and they ask why he calls the cosmonauts... or some thing along those lines and he's so awkward around those kids.
I have non-purposefully seen a few of Daniel Bruhl's movies and I generally like them.

Love in thoughts:
Is another of his. Bit dark this one, so if you prefer lighter movies this probably isn't for you.Great 20's fashion in it too.

A friend of mine:
Tho wikipedia doesn't have a page for that one yet and it was a while ago that i saw it.
Two friends, one (Bruhl) who must be a white collar worker of some description goes "undercover" and meets this guy (whoever the other guy is, sorry I don't know!) who works as a.. i dunno... keeping rich guys cars in storage while they're away overseas, and then they go joy-riding.
Then Bruhl's character falls for his friend's girlfriend and then i can't remember the ending...
All i can really remember from the movie is his friend has a car that goes as fast backwards as it can go forwards.

Inglourious Bastards:
Eeek. Did not like this. Re-wrote history, was gruesome and just wasn't good.
The secondary plot of Bruhl's character falling for a Jewish girl masquerading as a French girl and trying to woo her was a much better plot line.
I found the "3 whiskeys" the English and German way an interesting thing. Its one of those cultural things that you probably wouldn't find in a book, its just something known.
Like how in Harry Potter those that are born into magical familys' just know things (like the legend of the hallows) and the muggleborns have to learn those things but they aren't in books.

I know this doesn't get the best rap, no, the plot isn't great but i still like it.

Run Lola Run:
I watched this in art class for the different array of camera angles.
I liked the "what-ifs" "what could've beens" and etc that it showed.

I watched a good martial arts one the other week too... Just can't remember the name...
I love on kung fu movies where they'll put the English voices on the people and the lips look funny, i LOL about it all the time.

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