Friday, September 11, 2009

Kimono arrived!

So my wisteria kimono arrived and its the beautiful purple! i know it looks blue in the photos bellow but really its a deep, rich purple.
I think i'll see if i can let the sleeves out and make them longer cuz there seems to be excess fabric sewn in.
I think i'll do a demo dressing next week, I've got this crimson ro obi with cream, gold and blue coloured maple leaves so paired together it should be a very strong, vibrant outfit! ( or so i hope)
I also got a 60's inspired shift dress in bold sky blue and deep purple, don't know if i really like it or what, maybe when i tan up a bit.
I've got some chilli seeds growing at the moment, they're doing really well.
My wisteria seedlings got potted up outside last week, before i got sick and spent a few days in bed.
so all shoud be good by next week i hope

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