Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kimono fun! or will be when they arrive in the mail

So the cherry blossom festival season is almost here!
now i just need something to wear, so being a little obsessed with wisteria it was my first choice.
i wasn't gonna get into the politics of wearing sakura themed kimono to the festival not to mention i don't really like sakura as a motif anyway, so cliche.

so i bought a wisteria kimono, stylized wisteria mind you.

and cuz they were on ebay i bought a few more sets of kitsuke items, can never have enough of these things you know.

i was really keen to get these cuz it looks like a summer obi-ita, eri-shin, a lower back padding which i need (i don't generally use padding but i think this'll be a great improvment) that obi tying device and that obi clip thing (have no idea of their proper names tho)
so i'm looking forward to dressing with my new gadgets, hopefully it'l make the process a lot better!

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