Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blogging virgin

Exactly as the title states, this is my first time, go gently on me.

Should i be random? why not.
I swear i literally just pulled a muscle in my shoulder, right then! while waiting for my slow internet to do something, takes about 5mins a page. Slight exaggeration. God i love spell check, makes the world as easier place, except when its on the mobile, then it causes some headaches for me- i can't spell for shit.

so besides randomness this'll be about my kimono, my love for growing plants and things i make. i guess there'll be the odd movie review cuz i like to watch SBS movies. Whatever your perception on that is, I'll guess its the standard "SBS are porn movies" well, slightly. Most involve sex in some form, but then again, so do Hollywood films.

That being said there's a movie on right now! called the "manual of love" its good, check it out at some point.

So, here's what i did today:
i sanded she-oak seeds and made beads out of them, they have this bee-hive type pattern on them when sanded down.
I either need to sand them more finely or use wood wax on them cuz their a but rough, but i'm happy enough.

And my wisteria seeds! these are about 2 weeks old (i think, don't really remember)
my plan for these are the grow them for a year then next year try my hand at grafting using these as rootstocks. Now i've never done any grafting before so it'll be interesting. But a friend gave me a bag of wisteria pods so i have plently to practice on!
I'm also thinking of trying the technique where seedlings are straped/molded together over a frame to fuse together. don't know the technical term bit that's the dumbed-down version.
and no, i don't care if it won't flower for 20yrs cuz i have bought grafted wisteria and have tried hardwood cuttings all thru this winter and hoping some will strike so i will not be short of wisteria, quite the opposite hopefully!

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