Monday, May 31, 2010

selling kimono, plants and dvds!


If it just so happens that you were browsing my kimono collection on Flickr ...
My flickr page ...
and thought "wow, I'd like to own that one" maybe you can.
I'm going to sell off some kimono, obi, vintage maiko postcards, odori programmes and etc in the next few weeks so please check it out.

All items end on the 7th of June.

Check out my things for sale here

In other news:
I was out in my little garden today.
Those wisteria seedlings that I mention at the start of this blog and going quite well now. I did lose a few but have still got about 10 left.
All my deciduous trees are starting to lose their yellow leaves.
My chrysanthemums (kiku) are starting to flower. They were a bit late actually, usually they flower in early May for Mother's day but all the chrysanthemum plants were late to flower this season.
My Ginkgo has lost all its leaves but they are fresh, news ones at the base of the tree... which is odd.
My crepe myrtle has a flush of new growth on it too.
*Just to note, I'm in the Southern Hemisphere so its late Autumn, first day of Winter tomorrow!*
So that's why its odd for my plants to be having new shoots...

I've bought some dvds lately.
What I think is the 2007 Kyo odori?
The seller just said "its 2 or 3 years old". I'm not concerned either way, my favourite Geiko Kikutsuru-san would be around, and that's really why i bought it.

I also bought the dvd of last years Miyako-No-Nigiwai!
As noted in my post abut Maiko hikizuri my latest hikizuri was worn by a maiko when dancing at this performance so I bought it for that reason.
I hope she's on the dvd wearing my kimono!

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