Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Yay, goodies!

Sorry I haven't posted in ages!
I won a couple of kimono but I'm waiting till they get here before taking photos and showing them off, I hope it will surprise you ;) I took a risk buying them and hope it pays off :s

I'm finally scanning and uploading some stuff, the reason why its taking so long is because my scanner must be dying because its taking forever to scan something!!!
But I have 2002 maiko portraits from the kyoto hanamachi book that are worth checking out.
I've also got some lovely photos of Katsuno as a maiko.
And today I've uploaded a 1962 Miyako odori programme!

And coming up in the next few days/weeks are:
1982 Miyako odori.
1952 Kamogawa odori
1999-2008 Kyo odori.
So heaps coming up so keep tuned!

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