Monday, September 20, 2010

Odori programmes and a new maiko hiki!!!

Hey peeps,
sorry I haven't updated in ages.
So firstly links to odori programmes on Flickr:
1982 Miyako odori
1952 Kamogawa odori
1999 Kyo odori
2000 Kyo odori
2001 Kyo odori
There will be more odori programmes up in a while but my scanner is dying on me, its taking like 3 minutes to scan one page!!!
And my goodie bag came in the post today, so I got my new maiko han'eri and a new maiko hiki!!! I also got another kimono that needs sewing up so will post pics of that when its all done up
So new maiko hiki:You can see the discolouration and where the sleeve tucks used to be so I took a chance on buying it cuz it was just labeled as a "furisode" so luckily it paid out!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, new follower dropping by to comment :) Congratulations on your new hikizuri kimono, it's absolutely gorgeous! The combination of lilac, pink and rich purple is so pretty - what are your plans for it, if any? :)