Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm back!

I went on a short holiday, but before that I've been crazy arse busy at work -_-

Not that I really have anything new for you just yet but.... my latest wins are:
11 Kyo (Miyagawa-cho) odori programmes from 1999 to 2009 XD
I'm so stoked to get that, and for so cheap too! I was expecting to pay about $100 or so, cuz I was working on the basis that each programme would cost $10.
In my experience of collecting odori programmes the cheapest way is to buy them in bulk, or even if the auction is for 2 programmes, just works out cheaper.
That and Miyako odori programmes probably fetch the highest and most competitive market. Kamogawa are probably the 2nd most sought after programmes.
Kyo, Kitano and Gion odori will be chased but not as hard and far as the other two.
I was bidding on a... I don't remember the date but it was when Mineko was a maiko so 60's sometime I guess, and that ended up selling for well over $100, just for one!
I know, I know, quality over quantity.
But I figure another one is gonna come up in some point in time.Like a few months ago I lost a 1963 Miyako odori but another one came up for auction a week or so ago and I got it then!
So it'll all work out in the end :)
I've also just won a 1952 Kamogawa odori programme that I missed out on a few months ago but I've still managed to get my hands on a copy :)
I think that's about all...
I'm getting my things sent from Crescent Shop so I might have something new up in about a fortnight :)

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